Photo: Mai Nestor

Sonja Tofik - 'Anomi' LP announced

September 15, 2020

Sonja Tofik will release her debut solo LP Anomi through Moloton. It will be out on October 30th. Pre-orders will be up soon. Read more about the release in this self-titled magazine article. You can also listen to a track in the article or below:

MOLOTON013 - Sänkt - 'Svag'

June 5, 2020

'Svag' is out today! It's available on tape, limited run of 40, and as a digital album. Head over to 'Releases' or our Bandcamp to pick it up.

MOLOTON012 - Shahin Souri - 'About This Time

May 29, 2020

'About This Time' is out today! It's are available on tape, limited run of 40, and as a digital album. Head over to 'Releases' or our Bandcamp to pick it up.

MOLOTON010 - Kirill Mazhai - House (Unbuilt)
MOLOTON011 - Atonet / Moonilena - Boiling Sea

October 25, 2019

'House (Unbuilt)' and 'Boiling Sea' are both out today! They are available on tape, limited run of 50 each, and as digital albums. Head over to 'Releases' or our Bandcamp to pick them up.

Atonet live performance

September 16, 2019

If you are in Stockholm this friday, we recommend attending Masskultur at Fylkingen. Moloton's Atonet will be performing alongside Oil Thief and Jesuve (Total Black) who currently are on tour.

Sonja Tofik & Mar-llena live

May 29, 2019

For anyone who happens to be in Stockholm on friday we recommend going to Under Bron for the Transformations event, which is a part of a concert and lecture series. Sonja Tofik and Mar-llena will present entirely new material, live for the first time together. Also performing amongst others are Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe and Jean-Louis Huhta.

Moloton apparel

February 10, 2019

We now have a limited amount of embrodiered Moloton caps for sale. Choose between dark blue, black or light blue colors. They are available in our web shop and Bandcamp. There will also be some t-shirts available in the near future.

MOLOTON009 - Orphan Ann - 'The Practice Of Surrender'

January 25, 2019

'The Practice Of Surrender' is out today! It's available on a limited run of 200 black vinyls and as a digital album. The vinyl is a high quality pressing and includes a matt printed inlay with lyrics on one side and a poster on the other.

In other news, Moloton finally has a Bandcamp page. You can order all of our physical and digital releases there, including the one released today. To order with tracked shipping, we recommend you still order through our web shop.

Photo: Mai Nestor

Orphan Ann - 'The Practice of Surrender' out January 25

November 13, 2018

We're excited to announce Orphan Ann's debut LP 'The Practice of Surrender' will be released on a limited black vinyl pressing of 200 copies and as a digital album. Stay tuned for more news and listen to 'Märkt' here:

Vinyls arrived!

October 03, 2018

Finally, vinyls of 'Adorable Ruin' and 'Vilar i dina spår' have arrived. We are very sorry for the delay that was caused by various circumstances, including lacquers broken during transit and melted pressings in the summer heat. Orders are being sent out this week, and still some copies left in the web shop.