Atonet / Moonilena – Boiling Sea

Atonet and Moonilena have collected a series of tracks on a cassette split, ‘Boiling Sea’.

The Atonet side of the split presents a series of monochromatic ambient and generative works, made with tape loops and various synthesis techniques. Moonilena’s side contains a piece that she presented for the 100-year anniversary of late text-sound composer, artist and fighter pilot turned antimilitarist Åke Hodell. In it, she explores an imagined narrative in which a since long discarded signal intelligence system forgets its initial mission and starts producing underwater poetry, scrambled with random coordinate readings.

Released October 25, 2019


A1 Entropia
A2 Globster
A3 The Resolve
A4 Extropia
A5 Lesser Worlds
A6 Hoborg
B1 Aral Pilotless
B2 Shore Leave

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