Shahin Souri – About This Time

‘About This Time’ is an excellent piece of ‘ambient’ music that grips you immediately, and upon scratching its surface it clearly conveys very distinct emotional states and processes, rather than the more ambiguous ones often associated with the notion of ambiance. Tehran-based composer Shahin Souri made these works inspired by feelings and events that came about as a result of the death of his best friend, and other unexpected tragic events following it. He describes it as dealing with ‘the vertigo of the life and death tango’.

Souri has released music on a number of labels with his more rhythmically driven project Rhonchus before, but this marks the first release under his own name. We at Moloton are honored to have gotten the chance to present it.

Released May 29, 2020


A1 Epilepsy
A2 Left Alone
A3 Bad Situation
B4 Unusual Patches
B5 Decay
B6 Spark

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